As of 1 July 2017, there are 195 countries in the world. I’ve visited more than 50 of them, including the Holy See (which some say doesn’t really count because it is either a non-member of United Nations or just plain small), and Taiwan that may or may not be part of the People’s Republic of China depending on who you talk to. Some might say that I’ve covered a lot, but as I maintain, these are just numbers.

You can find all kinds of travel books out there about the 1,001 places to see before you kick the bucket, even down to the many, many places according to your specific areas of interest such as historic sites, island getaways, amazing architecture and natural wonders. Again these are just numbers, but they represent wish-lists we all make, which points only to one thing…

That we do not stop seeking, or if we ever did, there are many motivations out there for you to keep on going. Whatever your interest may be, never stop moving towards those things which may bring you the most joy.

The reason for my travel may be to dive or to hike or to just see, but my purpose will always be the same – to find places which might give me the most impact to a more meaningful life and to learn as much as I can from its history and its peoples.  I am not chasing a tally of countries, and often go back to the same places of my best memories. So you will see in my Travel Stories and Photo Features posts of the same countries but never of the same experiences.

I have categorised my posts by “countries” for convenience only, and I do hope your travels there will enrich you as much as they have enriched mine.