About Me


Solo wanderer and dreamer. Past life as a corporate rat, now either a house mice or a wandering bear. Can’t even keep a goldfish, so the sea is her aquarium. Hates stairs, but loves climbing hills and mountains. Coping with ADHD with all manner of hobbies, especially the great outdoors. Yes, hyperactive but with a keen fondness for laziness. Totally a coffee addict and prone to procaffeinating life’s difficult decisions (often about food). Appreciates creature comforts but often roughs it out. Thinks herself a great photographer but will not invest in expensive equipment, survives on Iphone and GoPro only. Believes also that some things are so spectacular they are better kept as etchings in one’s mind. Loving life to the fullest but one day at a time searching for beauty in all Nature’s creations.

Too much information? That’s me, more is always better than less and always packing extras just in case.

Why this blog? Why My Sea-To-Summit? Honestly – Just Because It’s Time