On Sundays And Everyday Yawn’s The Word

The problem with me is lack of discipline. No, I am not a naughty girl with wiry hair that climbs up trees or walks in the door with muddy shoes and needs a beating. Well, yes, I might be that, but that’s not what I am referring to. I have no discipline when it comes to sitting down, writing, blogging or engaging. It’s not writer’s block or even a clogged brain. My thoughts are aplenty, and I have so much to say. Drafts and drafts of half-written 100-odd words about my (wishful) decision to become a Stepford Wife, about simple living and of course of my travels all waiting. Piling up are also sheafs of papers with drawings and plans of my Big Dreams patiently hoping for a different, more upbeat me to devour them. I just simply suffer from the “good at making excuses” syndrome. Well today is Sunday, so yawn’s the word.

After two weeks of travelling around Sabah, Borneo and waking up at 7am everyday, I am seriously tired. Don’t forget the few weeks before traipsing around Bali, or the few weeks before that in Thailand. All I can think about these last few days is sitting around with a cup of coffee, mind emptied, looking at yonder and waiting for the next Big Dream to drop. So I am going back to bed for now and leaving you with this picture taken last week at a work-away orchard somewhere in the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah as a reminder of what I’d rather be doing 24-7. Hopefully, Monday will make me sit up and do something.

Borneo Orchard
Non-durian lover in durian-picking Borneo Orchard House