Of Friends And Friendships

Friendship. Simply defined in the dictionary as the state of being friends. But to my mind, a word undefinable full of meaning. A word once uttered draws pictures in your mind of hands held, laughters shared, shoulders cried on and a hundred faces, or perhaps just a single one. A word whose meaning is intertwined with every being whose path we have crossed. They can be your gift or bane, responsibility or whim, stalwart or weakness, kindness or resentment, but above all they are your balanced equation, for your friends and friendships are the heart of you.

In honour of International Friendship Day, here’s some of my simple suggestions of friendship in pictures collected from my travels.

A bond sealed by circumstances of hopeless fate and struggle, or an association bought with fame and wealth.

Two boys collecting recyclable plastic in the village of Dala, Myanmar

A companion, or some kind of support. 

Kaws Companions at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

An alliance of shared hopes and dreams, or a convenient union forged by daily rigour and routine. 

Bhutanese women performing daily prayers together at a temple in Thimpu

The man walking beside you on a long road, or perhaps a short one too.

Bhutan 2
A pair of Bhutanese monks trekking down the arduous Chelela Pass

The man who shares his knowledge with you, and shelter too.

Luang Prabang
Two young monks sharing an umbrella on a hot day in Luang Prabang, Laos

A rapport built on shared passions and trust, even if between strangers.

Dive Phi Phi
New dive buddies in Phi Phi, Thailand

Or perhaps simply any one who lights your path as you journey through life.

Son Doong
Friends and guides lighting the way out of the dark caves of Son Doong, Vietnam

The United Nations celebrates July 30th each year as International Friendship Day.