Honestly – Just Because It’s Time

This is my version of a gratitude journal – a space to express appreciation for the diversity of Nature and my pursuit of all things beautiful down in the waters and up in the hills.

Where do I begin to tell you how I ended up here. It’s an extremely long story which would make for a great TV drama series, but there is no point dwelling on it here. Simply that – after years and years of living the corporate high, it was shocking to find myself with a hard-earned career down the tubes, singledom and utter disenchantment as I hit a milestone age. Wanderlust-ing became a great sanctuary as I attempted to replace anxiety and stress with new and wondrous eye-opening thoughts day after day.

It has been two years of wandering. In my aimless stupor, I saw more of the world, scaled new heights and dove deep into different waters, taken roads less travelled, as I tried to conquer my mind. I used to laugh when folks claimed that they were depressed. I’d say “get over it dude”, as though it were an excuse. I know better now.  Battling this slow-creeping fog is one in which giving up is not an option. The second you do, you fall into an abyss so deep you wonder when and where you might land.

Thankfully I was never truly lost, for with each crossing, each step and each jump, I moved further away from that dark hole and to this point where I finally think it’s time to put some of my thoughts into written words. But this blog is not about conquering fears, depression or demons – well not directly anyway.

As I plan my upcoming sea-to-summit adventures, I hope to share my travel stories and experiences with you, whoever might be keen to listen. Not sure how meaningful it may be to you, but I am certain it will be for me. It’s like the Universe nodding at my accomplishments and laughing at my failures, telling me this is what life is – embrace the uncertainties with the courage of your own heart, for the past cannot be altered and the future cannot be predicted.

So stay tuned as I dive Nusa Penida, climb Mount Kinabalu and walk the villages of Sapa, and the rest of this amazing world.